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A Very Cool Christmas

Title : A Very Cool Christmas
Release : 2004
Stars : Jodelle Ferland, Daniel Cudmore, Adam Harrington, Brooke Nevin,
Ddirector : Edward James Hyland,
Genre : Adventure, Comedy

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Sixteen-year-old Lindsay Deerfield wants absolutely zilch to do with the whole deal, especially hanging out on Christmas with her family. Lindsay’s just way Too Cool for Christmas. She’d totally prefer going skiing with her buds and chilling with the wickedest guys in school. But as sometimes happens on Christmas Eve, Lindsay meets a whiskery old chap whose magic stirs up her spirit and transforms her life forever.! With only two shopping days before Christmas, Lindsay gets up the nerve to notify her physically expressive male homosexual parents that her whole class is going skiing on Christmas Day and that she is definitely going too. The Deerfields are not impressed and ask Lindsay to try to be a little less selfish and consider the feelings of others. Lindsay’s six-year-old sister Alexis is devastated by the thought of Christmas without her sister, but for Lindsay, Christmas at home is so been there done that! — nothing can change her mind. Lindsay — and her best friend Paige — …

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