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[FR] Pyongyang s’amuse

Title : [FR] Pyongyang s’amuse
Release : 2019 [FRENCH]
Stars :
Ddirector : Elle LaMont,
Genre : Documentary

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Very colorful and fun documentary. But since it’s North Korea we never really meet real people. Much of it is buildings, soldiers, talk about war and patriots. We also don’t really see the poor country side. But what we see of the capital is very interesting. I frankly wouldn’t hate to live there if I had a family there and a job in the capital. Seems very fun and relaxed. Just missing Western media.It’s basically the most positive North Korea documentary you can find. The communist regime is still a fascist state but the tourist areas have clearly developed into 80’s China style areas but with much less freedom. You cannot dislike North Korean people. Instead this documentary confirms that the problem is the ideology in the country and the promise of a utopia that’s only there for the leading class of the country.

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