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[JA] Sweet Rain: Accuracy of Death

Title : [JA] Sweet Rain: Accuracy of Death
Release : 2008 [JAPANESE]
Stars :
Ddirector : Laura Allen,
Genre : Comedy, Drama

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As the rain falls gently on the streets of Tokyo, Death emerges from the supernatural realm to decide whether or not a chosen individual will die in seven days time as scheduled. Chiba is the Grim Reaper. Precisely one week before a person is scheduled to die, Chiba appears to observe and evaluate their life, if the person have already fulfilled the purpose on earth and can step off the stage of life. At the end of those seven days, he makes the decision whether to “execute” or “pass over” his subject. It’s not the most pleasant job imaginable, but Chiba always takes time to unwind by visiting the local CD shops and listening to some music. To Chiba, music is humanity’s greatest invention. Chiba’s latest subject is twenty-seven year old Kazue Fujiki, who leads unlucky life and seems to be ill-starred since everyone around her dies.

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