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Massacre at Central High

Title : Massacre at Central High
Release : 1976
Stars : Robert Carradine, Kimberly Beck, Andrew Stevens,
Ddirector : Lana Clarkson,
Genre : Drama, Horror

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David is the new kid at Central High. The only person he knows is Mark, who runs with the local toughs led by Bruce. Mark and David share a bond from years before when David came to Mark’s aid when Mark was being beaten by school bullies. David keeps his distance, preferring not to join the “club.” He tries to convince the other students not to be pushed around, and intervenes once too often on their behalf. When he directly becomes a victim of Bruce’s gang, David orchestrates a plan that causes an attrition problem among the members of the clique. Mark worries for his safety, even though he and David were once friends.

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