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My Life in Ruins

Title : My Life in Ruins
Release : 2009
Stars : Richard Dreyfuss, Caroline Goodall, Rita Wilson, Harland Williams,
Ddirector : Samuel Roukin,
Genre : Comedy

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Georgia is an American academic who’s lost her teaching job in Athens. She’s taken a job as a tour guide, but she hates it and it shows: the tourists, mostly American, are bored with history and facts; they want to shop. Every group has a goofy couple, a frat boy, a sullen teen, a feuding couple, divorcées looking for a mate, and a funny guy. This group is no exception, plus there’s no air conditioning and a bearded silent driver. Thanks to an unlikely friendship, plus daisies, an ice-cream cone, the history of syrup, and the Oracle at Delphi, Georgia may have a shot at finding her kefi during this four-day tour.

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