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Title : Sharktopus
Release : 2010
Stars : Eric Roberts, Kerem Bürsin, Roger Corman, Sara Malakul Lane,
Ddirector : Linda Fiorentino,
Genre : Action, Adventure

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Aiming to create the U.S. Navy’s next hyper-weapon while fiddling with shark and octopus DNA, the visionary geneticist, Nathan Sands, comes up with a nightmarish prototype: the genetically enhanced “S-11” hybrid. However, after a botched attempt to harness the creature, the unstoppable beast escapes into the warm waters of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where unsuspecting tourists and unaware locals alike become its next meal. Now, the government wants the monster back, and former mercenary, Andy Flynn, along with Sands’ daughter, Nicole, and fisherman, Santos, seem to be the only ones cut out for the job. Can they stop Sharktopus, the underwater killer with the razor-sharp teeth and the tentacles of death, before it slaughters everybody in the seaside resort?

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