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The Company of Wolves

Title : The Company of Wolves
Release : 1984
Stars : Angela Lansbury, Terence Stamp, David Warner, Jim Carter,
Ddirector : ,
Genre : Drama, Fantasy

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Rosaleen (Sarah Patterson) is a teenager, living in a country house in England with her family in the present days, and having a nightmare with wolves and werewolves in the Middle Ages. In her dream, her boring sister is dead, she lives with her father and her mother, but she spends lots of time with her lovely grandmother. Granny (Dame Angela Lansbury) tells her many stories of werewolf and gives her the following advice: “- Never stray from the path in the woods, never eat a windfall apple, and never trust a man whose eyebrows meet.” One day, Rosaleen, while going to visit her grandmother, meets a handsome man and bets who would arrive first at her granny’s house. Soon she finds who he is.

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